Sex positions to try out with busty London escorts

Though the London escort industry is all about satisfying the client, the escorts need satisfaction too. Men should know what sex positions to use to make the escort girls cum. When you make a woman orgasm, you are in for a good treat too. This is so for making a woman orgasm makes her feel attached to you and you only get similar treatment in return. This helps you get full sexual gratification. You might also become a regular client of that particular escort saving you time, since you don’t have to look for London escorts website all the time;  try picking on some of the breathtaking busty London escorts from various agencies one of them I would definitely recommend is .

Missionary: this is the most basic sex style that will make your London escort cum. It is basic in that it is less demanding and easy to do. The reason that makes it suitable is the close feel. Women love the heaviness of men on top of them. The only thing you need to take note of is that you should not penetrate her straight in and out. Try diagonal variations, this brings about friction which results in more clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is very sensitive and when rubbed brings about orgasms.


Reverse cowgirl: the woman here takes charge of all the action. The man lies down or sits up, the woman then straddles him backwards. The woman does this facing the man’s legs. This position allows easy access to the clitoris and enhances clitoral stimulation.

Doggie style: other than allowing direct clitoral stimulation, this style gives room for the man to manually stimulate the clitoris while at it. The woman is also in control and can make movements. Rub your London escort`s clitoris with your hand or use a vibrator. This helps her reach climax.

Girl on top: this style puts the woman at a vantage point. She can control movements as well as the depth that the penis penetrates in her. Help your London escort reach her climax by moving her hips with your hands. This should go concurrently with her movements to meet the best outcome.

Crisscross: this is another style that allows for clitoral stimulation . Both man and woman lie down by their side and the man penetrates from the back. Since none is lying on the other, both can manually stimulate the clitoris.


The pillow technique: this is basically an improved version of the missionary style . The only variation is the added pillow. It helps in creating a new angle of entry as well as lifting the pelvis. Use this technic to rub your London escort`s G-spot and it will only lead to many orgasms.

Coital alignment technique: It’s another variation of the missionary style that allows even more physical contact. All you have to do is move forward so that the base of your penis makes direct contact with the London escort`s clitoris. Once her legs are around your thighs, move together in a rhythmic rocking motion. You will without doubt enjoy the mind-blowing pleasure that comes with it.

Ankles up: this style helps you penetrate your London escort deeper. Opening her legs wide enough is the only way to meet this. All you have to do is place her ankles over your shoulders and you will hit her G-spot in no time. You can also meet this by bending her knees or letting her step on your chest with the soles of her feet.


if you haven’t hired any classy, busty and lusty London escorts and thinking about hiring one. then I would suggest try this London escort agency .  just make sure Use one of the above sex styles to help your High class London escort reach her climax. It is for the benefit of both parties. However, use only the styles you are most comfortable in. remember, pain is the last thing that you want to cause to your partner. You are also not limited to one style, if you get uncomfortable in one make variations or change to another style.

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